Our greatest goal: Absolute ZERO.

拉斯维加斯手机版登入For 10 years, CONSOL Energy has operated under an Absolute ZERO value system based on the premise that ZERO accidents is normal and that an accident--any accident--is uncharacteristic and inconsistent with our values.

拉斯维加斯手机版登入“Safety is a condition of employment.”


拉斯维加斯手机版登入In 2016, our employees' total recordable incident rate was 29% lower than the national average for bituminous underground mines. As it is our goal for our contractors to achieve this same level of success, we placed an emphasis on service partner training in recent years. As a result of this effort and our continuous focus on safety, our total number of contractor exceptions was reduced by 23% year over year as well.

拉斯维加斯手机版登入We attribute this outstanding advancement to our efforts around a behavioral-based safety culture, known as Positively CONSOL, along with intensified safety awareness training.


The CONSOL Occupational Safety and Health Program (COSH) was born in support of the Absolute ZERO program. The COSH System is based upon the Occupational Health & Safety Assessment Series 18001 (OHSAS-18001). OHSAS is an International Safety Management System that provides the framework for organizations to develop and implement a health and safety program that can be certified and audited. The benefits of a well-designed occupational safety and health management system go beyond improving individual workplace safety. COSH demonstrates CONSOL Energy’s commitment to the safety and health of employees, service partners and visitors. The COSH System has been adopted by all CONSOL Energy business units and is employed in our workplace on a daily basis. Our COSH manual consists of specific elements related to risk assessments, management of change, accident cause elimination investigations and safety audits. We employ a systematic approach to eliminate incidents and reduce worker compensation costs while contributing to higher productivity and improved efficiencies.

CONSOL Energy Occupational Safety & Health Policy Statement

CONSOL Energy operates within the established process that Absolute ZERO is the expected norm relative to Safety and Health. Management’s expectation regarding this philosophy is that all employees, contractors and visitors on CONSOL Energy property shall conduct themselves in a manner to work injury and incident free.

The Board of Directors, Executive Team, and Management of CONSOL Energy have established Safety as our top value. To support this value we have authorized all employees, contractors or visitors that are on CONSOL Energy property to stop the normal course of operation if people feel that their safety or the safety of others is being compromised. Through this empowerment it is expected that all individuals exhibit active caring for others by speaking up and/or taking action when they see a situation that may cause harm to themselves, others or property.

Compliance with all applicable federal, state and local regulations is paramount in our business endeavors second only to safety. This commitment is applicable to all facets of compliance. It is also expected that there is conformance with all CONSOL Energy Occupational Safety and Health requirements.

The Board commits funding, support and oversight to each business unit to allow the management teams to accomplish these Safety and Compliance standards. These values and commitments are incorporated into both short-term and long-term planning.

It is the expectation of CONSOL Energy to continually build the Occupational Safety and Health system by continual improvement gained through self-review, auditing and benchmarking with other safety leaders. Done on a continual basis, a formalized audit process is conducted annually and provided to the Absolute ZERO Advisory Board for its review to determine whether or not Occupational Safety and Health objectives and performance measures are being met. It is the responsibility of senior leadership to ensure that this policy is communicated, understood and implemented throughout CONSOL Energy. All employees are responsible for understanding the impact of this policy on their day-to-day work practices and are expected to apply and support the principles stated above.